Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Two more acrylic miniatures on canvas, ATC size

I really am finding these fun, lost my sense of time tonight at the art group and all the tables disappeared around me whilst I finished the second of the two paintings - in a hurry; can you guess which one it was? I will touch it up later, something that you couldn't do with watercolour.

just a quick post to put up the two paintings tonight. Here they are. One is a generic and the other is from a work in the lake district which I used as a reference.

Running out of the miniature canvases, will have to see if I can get some more.

One of the members at the club tonight was painting a very large oil painting about 10-12 times larger than my miniatures, I very nearly suffered an inferiority complex. However he was kind enough to praise my work so all's well that ends well, LOL

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