Sunday, 22 April 2012

2012 exhibition Knowle Art group

My Art Group is holding its annual exhibition next weekend at the Church Hall in Knowle, where else? I was busy this weekend framing my entries and the dining room table came in very handy.

The eight paintings above and the two in my last post plus one other, make a total of eleven entries. However, as space is usually at a premium I may not get to have all of them in the catelogue. They are all pastel paintings and those above are obviously abstract or semi-abstract. The core of the work that I have been doing this past year. The other three are much larger (2X at least) and are actually a more realistic set of paintings.

We always hope that one or two paintings may be sold but locally there are so many outlets, shops and galleries selling prints at silly prices including IKEA; and of course to compete with these big stores is very difficult. Over the past few years our paintings have been exhibited with a reducing price tag and I have rebelled this year. I have doubled the prices I am asking. Will this make potential buyers take more note of the paintings? I doubt it but at least it will give me a certain satisfaction.

I stopped offering my paintings on Ebay just because they were selling for ridiculous prices, I am not going to give any more away. Anybody know a good site which attracts art buyers who know the value of a painting. The ones I have tried just don't get the visitors that Ebay can attract. Sad really!