Saturday, 3 September 2011

A new use for an old sketch on Zazzle

Do you keep old paintings and sketches? Apart from those that I have sold, I have always stored away all my paintings and sometimes pull them out and reminisce about the good old days. (good old days because I used to paint much more oten, and although often simple they had a quaint charm). But I have started to find uses for some of these older works, on Zazzle. I have started a Zazzle store and a covering blog, and am looking for interesting images - not just "good" paintings but ones I hope will trigger a purchase. Of course these are the difficult ones to find and wether I am right or not will be answered over the next few months, I guess. One of the newer additions is this apron, with an image of a sketch from one of my first forays into oil paints. A very simple sketch but one I have always liked for several reasons. Will this plus the text ( my attempt at dry humour!!!) set off that trigger. PLease feel free to browse on over to the store and see what I am making of it, in fact I am starting multiple stores to try and develop niche markets, rather than having large department (?) stores. You might also find Artyfaxcards interesting, and they are quite inexpensive for individually designed products, LOL