Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Last Post!

No not the military trumpet call, I have decided to post all my art (whether painting or collage, etc) on my main page at present called My Collage on the navigation bar under the Header Image, above.

The main Blog which started life under the title, "Artyfax, An Artist's Blog" and subtitled, "The Trials and Tribulations of a Leisure Artist", will now become the home for everything based on images. Paintings, digital art, craft-based art-work, etc. I may even include photography in the not too distant future, but still planning an overall strategy. You will find it at

This image is of a stylised representation of The Northern Lights or The Aurora Borealis. Seen in Northern UK last week. Not something we often see but weather conditions have been strange all over recently.

It is a post-card sized acrylic painting, I used cards issued by the BBC for their Little Art Challenge. I did not want to waste the opportunity. You can see more paintings on these cards on the Artyfax Blog, which will effectively be my home page (?) in this series of blogs. As I said, for now it is listed under Collage on the Nav Bar above.

Hope you will stay with me under this new arrangement, I am finding it too time consuming to maintain several niche blogs. There was a time when I had the time to spend on my PC, but I am finding it more and more of a slog. I hope to reduce my portfolio from seven blogs to four or even three. Much more manageable, I think you will agree. Watch this space - well actually keep an eye on the main Artyfax Blog ( ).

This will be the last post on this particular blog! See you around!