Tuesday, 30 July 2013

More Fun With Abstract Art

It has been a while since my last post, I have been enjoying the environment at Bubblews.

It is an income sharing site which allows posts on any subject (with the usual limitations to keep it family friendly) and will accept anything from 400 characters to full length articles. If you are used to submiting articles to this sort of site, you will miss the formatting which you are probably used to but a new version is promised on this new site over August. It is growing fast, not least because it shares 50% of advertising revenue with the writers (aka bubblers). It is a cross between a social media site (and interaction on the site is also paid) and an article writing site, which explains the wide variety in posts accepted. Check out a few of mine from my Bubblews profile page, I write more than many bubblers but many are beginning to understand about the concept of getting views from google and a passive income. Not conducive to internet marketing!

I am currently making $50 per month, although the potential is for much more. The only question is how much time you want to spend making money. It is probably the site with the fastest rate of potential earnings that I have seen. On many of the sites paying for views, monthly rates are less than an order of magnitude smaller than this.

But to the main reason for this post - I am back!

I will be posting on this blog again. I have had fun on Bubblews but do want that little extra freedon of writing on my own (?) blog.

So just a short post to kick-off with. Did you read my last post? I had several of my artist colleagues at an art-group meeting, make a few random marks and then I created an abstract painting by following the rules of composition. To create a vibrant and colourful image I used primary colours and the main feeling is one of activity due to the diagonal leaning of the red elements in the painting.

This is available as a gallery wrapped canvas print on my Zazzle Store.

( Back with more paintings soon)