Thursday, 25 November 2010

New Zazzle Store Opened

I have done it! Started a zazzle store that is.

And I have made my first sale, A small step for a man artist but here's hoping for many more.

Many more images and products will be appearing soon, why not take a peek, you may find something that you like. Or even decide to start your own store

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A new media, acrylics have tried and generally met my expectations with a number of different media. I don't expect to be able to be a master of all media and generally stick to either watercolours or soft pastels. However, all the art group members were knowcked out by a demonstration given to us by Carol Baker, using acrylics to create wonderful landscapes and abstract paintings. A very talented artist and a very capable demonstrator she had the audience wanting to see more. One thing we were all amazed at was the way she tackled a subject which was not something she had practised or done before so that we saw how she sorted out the problems as she went along. Many demonstrators know exactly what they are going to do having used the same demonstration over and over again. Very refreshing and very informative.

I was particularly knocked out by the abstract paintings on her web-site gallery. This was something that I felt would fit my style and raison d'etre for painting.

I settled down the following week, to try to emulate the method she had shown us, which really consisted of putting on an overall wash, and then outlining the subject areas with an under coat (complementary) colour. She went on to use a scumbling technique which allowed the previous colours to show through. Leaving each layer to dry, she went on to put down several layers. This was very similar to a technique I had developed for myself with soft pastels, so I thought it would be a doddle. Thimk again! Layering by scumbling with paint is a very different procedure to pastels, at least as far as I am concerned.

Here is my first attempt at a background to the painting:-

At first I was very pleased with progress but at this stage after three layers, I began to consider the little details and found the acrylic paint a very different kettle of fish to my pastels ( or even watercolour). The undercoat shows thru well especially in the foreground but I was not keen on the hills or the water and rather than fiddling with these I decided to completely paint out the image and start again, After all it was simply a learning experience.

I was even more unhappy with the second attempt, The colours just did not seem right. So another coat of white to cover it all and another fresh start. Not something that you can easily do in my usual media. Although you can overpaint a pastel to correct something but too much pastel soon clogs up the tooth of the ground.

My third attempt left me much happier. But I stopped before I went too far so that I could consider what comes next. I even considered using pastel to complete the painting. At this stage I was unsure of spoiling the start.

This one shows much more light in the landscape and the hills seem further away; much better snse of depth and perspective. Anyway it will be completed next week, when I shall post the final image however it turns out, wish me luck!