Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Red and Yellow Abstract Pastel Landscape

I find myself continually drawn to abstract landscapes, although I have recently been trying to get "real" here is yet another. I have always found colours to be an integral part of my artwork and feel at home with this style of painting. Who am I to argue?

I like using colours, I like the simplistic style. I do not have to worry about the drawing. So why not get on with doing the thing that seems to come naturally. Well, I don't want to seem to be in a rut and I do worry about learning new techniques and styles. I would like to be a well rounded artist, so I guess I will keep on worrying.

Anyway here is my latest abstract landscape:-

I have used this as an intro image for my Squidoo lens, Popular subjects for art that sells. Seems that landscapes even abstract or semi-abstract landscapes are near the top of the list.