Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Just a quick post to make a comment on how the exhibition went. This year we held it in April compared to previous years when we held it in October / November. It is just possible that this helped to raise the number of paintings that we sold. Ten out of 68 paintings were sold, which I would consider is a great result for a six hour (one day, 10.00 until 16.00). I sold one myself, which in itself is unusual as it was a semi-abstract.

yellow landscape, pastel painting

Also, I was asked to sell another privately after I had used it to advertise my entry to the exhibition. So I was very pleased with the outcome. Maybe I don't sell many these days but manage to get far better prices for the ones I do sell than when I was selling on Ebay.

The group was also very happy with the outcome, not only did we sell a good ratio of works but had a good number of visitors to the exhibition and lots of interest in the group from potential members.

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