Tuesday, 5 October 2010

A new pastel painting on Flickr

I found this painting whilst searching for a suitable frame for my up-coming exhibition. It is quite an old painting but somehow it never got posted on Flickr which I use as a sort of archive. It is not the only one but one that I believe should be on that site.

You can see a larger image of this pastel painting on my Flickr photostream. Someone said I should do more of these but I think I have outgrown portraits. When I first started painting, I wanted to be able to draw and for the drawing to be recognised. However I now find that I want to get my feelings about a subject down onto the ground. I love using colours, which is why I do so many sunsets, etc. I also love the great outdoors which is why I do so many landscapes. I also find that theses latter subjetcs allow me lots of freedom and I don't need to spend time fiddling to get things "just right". Does anyone find the same or am I just being lazy?

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