Friday, 1 October 2010

2010 Exhibition with the Knowle Art Group

I have been spending a little time preparing for my group's yearly exhibition. and the main work is framing the paintings. This is now done, just the labels to be printed.

Those of you who read my other blogs will know that I am also submitting a number of framed ATC collages this year hoping to bring my "craft" artworks to the attention of some of the members of the group and also to the public. I did lead a workshop last year where I introduced the group to Collage but have not seen any inclination on the part of the members to widen their horizons to-date. Who knows what will happen if I keep plugging away.

As I mentioned on the Artyfax blog setting prices at these small loacl exhibitions is very difficult. Too many outlets where people can bu cheap and colourful prints. A Kandinsky or a Klee anyone? Real art does not seem to have a place anymore on the walls of the art lovers home. There are so many sites on the web selling art for home decor what chance for a poor starving artist?

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