Saturday, 17 July 2010

cupcakes and watercolour pencils

Wow, time flies........................

At the art group we had a demo from a professional illustrator. Carol hasn't got a web-site so I can't offer you a link this time. Thru a personal intro from one of the mebers of the group she came to give us an introduction to this media. Watercolour pencils is not something I have used before ( although I do have a small set) but I am open to anything which gives me a greater understanding of different media. I have to say I was enthralled with her description of the capabilities of these pencils but for her hyper-realistic images ( she has illustrated many books and magazine articles) they give her a very close control during drawing and have a set of techniques that can be used for colouring, and adding texture.

In the second half of the evening ( about an hour) she took us thru the painting below. In order to get things moving she supplied us with a printed sheet with just the bare outline drawing and then led us thru the techniques she had used to produce the coloured version.

these included:- laying on the pencil dry and then adding water to create a wash effect. Adding a thick pencil line and then using water to drag out the colour on one side to produce a 3-D effect seen in the cases. Adding either dust from sharpening the pencil on a sand paper or using shavings from a pencil sharpener to produce texture. Using multiple colours to mix colour on the paper. Here I give you the partly finished piece

and now you understand the title of this post. Maybe I will try this medium again but somehow it really doesn't seem to gel with the way or the subjects that I paint. On the other hand could be useful for ACEO paintings. Thanks for looking.

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