Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Watercolour aceo paintings

 mountains -1, w/c aceo

I have been doing a lot of pastel work recently, but last week we had a demonstrator take us thru the use and abuse of watercolour pencils. ( will blog this at a later date) I decided to try my hand with some watercolour aceo's. I selected a theme of mountains ( always like to do a few on a particular theme, as it seems to help with the process) and started to paint. The trouble with switching from one media to another ( frequently) is that it sometimes seems like you are taking one step forward and two steps back. And as I expected the first couple of pieces are not terribly good. I am posting them them here because I expect that over the next couple of weeks I will be able to show you an improvement. The first was not one of my best but the second was even worse - maybe I got too carried away. I wanted to use earth colours instead of the blues in the last painting.

mountains -2, w/c aceo

The distant peak on the right looks wrong al;though it is not too far away from the reference. BTW aceo's are 3.5 x 2.5 inches if you are not familiar with the acronym for this small art format.

I will be blogging the watercolour pencil evening soon and there will be more mountains to come, thanks for coming.


  1. Hey, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I just started one recently too. Good luck! I like how the structure of the paper shows through these art cards, maybe because they are so small it seems more structured than it is?

  2. Hi Caatje, yes the structure/grain of the paper is very large compared to the overall dimensions. Thanks for your comment