Saturday, 1 February 2014

Two new pastel paintings for 2014

Ok its 2014 (well I know I am a little late but it has been a hard month!

So what have I been doing? I had intended to turn my hand to some watercolours after christmas, it has been so long but because it has been such a difficult month for a number of reasons I took the easy way out and have been using my pastels at my weekly art group meetings. And that is getting to be the only time I actually get down to any painting these days. Something else that is going to have to change, what's that? Who said something about New Year Resolutions? Well you are not too far off the mark and that's another that fell by the wayside.

The first is a version of a painting which I first did in watercolour. A hilltop with a road/track going between a line of birch trees.

Here is the original watercolour

Very different, of course the media creates a difference but the compsition is somewhat different as well. The major difference in technique, is that in the watercolour of course the lighter trees were saved when the blue background was washed in. In the pastel, the background is painted first and then the trees are painted over. It certainly makes a difference.

The second pastel is a very simple winter landscape, last week I did not have a lot of time because I had lost the key to the coffee cupboard and spent so long looking for it. We eventually had to manage without a drink that evening. I think it actgually needs a few details finishing off but for now at least it shows that I am working - not a lot, but working.

Apart from these I have completed an abstract but that will have to wait for another post. 

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