Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Winter Sunset, a new pastel landscape

I was on holiday recently and saw some postcards by a local artist, Barbara Curry, I was struck by the brillliant colours in the sunset which as you know if you follow this blog is one of my favourite subjects. I simply had to try and re-create this painting which was originally in oils. My medium is of course pastel. I bought a couple of Barbara's cards and have just found the time to use it as an exercise. I was quite pleased with the overall effect but maybe I should have given a little more thought to the mid-distance village.

WINTER SUNSET (pastel, A4 size) after Barbara Curry

One of the problems for an artist is that they must always be comparisons with the original. If you have browsed across to the link provided, you will no doubt be aware that although I have taken the specific painting as a reference and tried to re-create it, it is not as good as the original for several reasons. But I leave that up to your own analysis.

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