Monday, 12 August 2013

Paul Bailey - Artist

I have been following this great artist on Facebook for a little while, painting in watercolour and acrylic he creates some wonderful art work. His facebook page also links to his own website and an Etsy shop.

this is a selection of paintings on sale in his Etsy shop:-

I love the free brushwork in his acrylics and the use of wet-into-wet techniques in his watercolours. I would have to select the watercolours as my favourites. Many of my favourites have a semi-abstract approach which as you will know if you follow my blog, is very much where I am coming from in my own paintings. If you are interested by this small selection, take a look at the etsy shop. The paintings are also very economically priced and worth consideration byh any potential collectors or just for that spot on the wall that you stare at all night.

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