Sunday, 30 December 2012

How to use the colour wheel - for artists

Well as it is the holiday period I have not managed to get any painting done, but I thought that I would remind you of a squidoo lens, How to use the colour wheel for beginners. Use it for a little revision, to bring some sparkle into your paintings.

And on the subject of revision - do you paint abstract art? It is a great practice genre for ensuring that you fully understand and make use of composition, including the use of colour. Try this simple introduction if you need any help to get started.

I have also created two squidoo lenses on a technique or methodology which you can use to practice abstract painting. Let yourself go - its great for relaxation anad surprisingly it really does help to loosen up your art work. Try:
I do stress that they are not intended to create masterpieces (and I have deliberately used poor paintings as examples) ; rather it is a method for helping to free up the way a painter used to realistic representation creates art. It is purely for practice.

Of course, it could be used for finished work but then the artist could probably have done it anyway.

Hopefully more new work next time.

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