Wednesday, 10 October 2012

And Then There Were Four - Acrylic Paintings

Again this week I was painting more of the miniature canvasses. I have really enjoyed this and now I am all set to try and sell them on the internet. Not sure if it is going to be Ebay or Etsy, or maybe even both. I have not yet tried Etsy although I have an account on there and then again there is always Ebid, I keep saying that I am going to close the Bonanza account and move the items (all collaged ATC's) to Etsy. Bonanza certainly hasn't done any good at all for me, I think they leave promotion to the individual and Of course promotion is not one of my strong points, which is why I am not sure which of these two sites I should use. Ebay has the more buyers but Etsy is at least specialised. Procrastination strikes again!

OK enough chatter, here are the four canvasses together:-

They make a nice set according to my colleagues at the art group, and I think I agree with them.

Here is number 3 and 4:-

The set is really not a single theme, two are sunset / evening, and the other two are mornings; at least that is my interpretation.

I am intending to buy some more of these because as I said I enjoyed the experience. I love working samll and being able to work "sketchily" and complete a particular piece in an evening / session. And it is certainly very easy to complete these in 40-50 minutes as described in my last post.

As usual larger images are available on my Flickr account.

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