Saturday, 12 March 2011

What subjects and styles sell the most paintings?

I realise that I have not been posting for a little while but I have had a total knee replacement. The procedure was considered necessary because the cartilage had worn down to zilch on one side causing me massive problems.

I thought that to get going again I would promote one of my Squidoo lenses ( a lens is a single page web-site focusing in on a niche area)which discusses the best selling subjects for art that sells. The most popular subject is traditional landscapes followed by local views and then surprisingly perhaps modern semi-abstract landscapes.

Not surprisingly, prints of various types are the most popular media. Presumably because they are relatively inexpensive. But oils and acrylics sell better than watercolours and this does not reflect the ratio of costs.

As far as prints of deceased artists go, Lowry and Monet are the top two best sellers.

If yopu would like to read more details then surf over to "Popular subjects for art that sells". 

As I say in the lens, it is an  interesting read, but most artists will paint what they like or are best at, painting simply to sell can be soul destroying although it may pay the bills - sometimes.

Hope to be back more regularly now things are getting back to normal.

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