Sunday, 2 May 2010

A major departure for me, as a blogger.

This is the first post in a new blog. I have tried to include several interests in my one and only blog but I feel that it detracts too much from the original point of the blog.

To explain. I post most of my work with collage and other craft techniques on Artyfax - an artists blog , it actually kicked off as a blog about painting and the "trials and tribulations" of a leisure painter but as I have spent more of my time creating ATC cards and other craft pieces, I have neglected the original objective. Of course you could argue that they are simply alternative forms of art ( and I am not detracting from either) but I am certainly more aware of the background and skills involved in painting than in the other areas. I am also involved in an art group and would like to involve this more closely in my blog. So what to do? Starting a new blog seems to be the best way forward.

I would also like to introduce any new readers to my on-line gallery ( getting a little old in the tooth, I am afraid) which contains some of my older paintings and drawings. It does however offer a way for those new readers to get to know a little about my background. I will try to update the gallery to show off some of my more recent work including some pastel landscapes which I seem to be enjoying at the moment. A couple examples of these are shown below for your perusal.....

after the storm

african sunset

OK I have said enough for now, I will be adding more asap - thanks for looking


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